All Work, No Play… || Thuck

Before it got too late, Puck sent his boyfriend and boss home ahead of him. It was partially a punishment for distracting Puck all afternoon, and partially a way to set the mood for the rest of the night. Despite working months finally on getting his first record done, he was at best half way through. When it came to music, both he and Thad were perfectionists, and could rarely agree on what should be done to a particular song. Puck wanted to get at least one more track done before the weekend but Thad apparently seemed to have other ideas. He didn’t really mind, getting some nookie here and there and sneaking about, it was fun. Reminded him of when he’d used to make out with random chicks in supply closets. But of course this was better than that. Finally, the track was done enough to Puck’s satisfaction and so he decided to go home to his Thad.

One of the many great perks of dating one’s boss, was getting a limo ride home. He kicked back and smiled out the tinted windows, watching the city life roll by. He had to rub himself through his pants a little to alleviate the pressure. It was tough not getting hard at the thought that his boyfriend—and pet for the night—was naked and waiting for him. Well, not completely naked since he’d be wearing his collar and a chastity cage on his cock. Puck groaned and wished the driver would go faster. He already had planned out the rest of the night, wanting to punish and pleasure his pet in the best ways possible. And wear themselves out. 

"Fuck, finally!" Puck exclaimed as the they rolled to a stop in front of their place. He gruffly thanked the driver and bounded out of the limo. He shrugged off his jacket as he entered their place. Normally he’d call out for Thad if he was the last one home, but times like this, when they’ve decided to play, Puck tried to be as sneaky as possible while heading to their bedroom.